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     QUEEN C



Where words fail, music speaks. And for Chelsy Nicolas, a.k.a. Queen C it speaks loudly. Skilled in lyricism and songwriting, the Swedish 18-year old rapper has already shown that she is capable of carrying on the traditions as well as bridging the gap between the old and the new school of rap.

She came to Sweden 2015 but grew up in Kenya. Her father was a politician and gradually exposed to threats. Her house was burnt down when she was seven years old and eventually the family had to flee the country. The family left everything behind and arrived in Congo in 2014. Being a refugee, Chelsy couldn’t go to school in Congo and had a difficult time making new friends. She soon started to spend time writing songs instead, inspired by artists like Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea. Queen C was born.

When the family moved to Sweden almost two years later, Queen took the songwriting to her heart and has since showed that it is definitely possible to turn the odds in your favour. Based in the small town Vimmerby in Sweden, she has competed in several local and national contests. In 2018, she won the county finals in the music competition Imagine Sweden 2018, and two years earlier she was placed in the top 30 in Swedish Idol 2016. In August 2018, she made her Germany debut and performed in Berlin as a part of the music project Die Neuen Schweden, chosen by a jury as one of three upcoming music acts who gets the opportunity to connect with the German music industry. Queen C is here to stay and the first released single titled ”Brev till Lilla Chelsy”, letter to little Chelsy, is only the beginning. She also recently released her debut EP titled "Back Out"

Queen C - Disappeared Official Video 

Queen C performing live at Record Union HQ

Queen C's first single "Brev Till Lilla Chelsy" 

SHOWS 2018

15 December - Vintergähda, Linköping

11 November - Vimmerbymässhallarna, Vimmerby

26 October - Kulturfestivalen, Västervik 

19 October - Rookiefestivalen, Hultsfred

14 September - Hultsfest'18, Hultsfred

8th September - Live At Heart Örebro

7th September - Live At Heart Örebro

29 August - Berlin Germany

25th August - Oskarshamnfest, Oskarshamn

24th August - Eksjö Stadsfest, Eksjö

18th August - Keep It Loud, Linköping

10th August - Kalmar Stadsfest, Kalmar

13 July - Visfestivalen, Västervik

7th July - Latitud 57, Oskarshamn

6th July -  Parkfesten, Västervik

30th June - Rock Mot Cancer, Stockholm

29th June - Rosengårdsfestivalen, Malmö

19th June - Springhjälpen SVT, Öland

16th June - DBF ungdomsfestival, Visby

15th June - Källängsfestivalen, Vimmerby

2 June - Rock Mot Cancer, Vimmerby

9 May - Imagine Sweden, Uddevalla

30 April - Valborg, Vimmerby

21 April - Världsfesten, Västervik